About HerbsOnco

HerbsOnco an online platform that offers a comprehensive range of consultation and services for cancer healing through nutraceuticals and adjuvant therapy. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, they provide personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking alternative treatments to complement conventional cancer therapies. Through their user-friendly online platform, patients can easily access a wide array of resources, including consultations with oncologists, adjuvant therapist, herbalists, and nutritionists, as well as customized treatment plans and herbal formulations. HerbsOnco aims to empower cancer patients by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize their healing journey and improve their overall well-being.

Aims and Objectives

Provide a Comprehensive and Accessible Platform

The main aim of HerbsOnco is to develop and maintain an online platform that provides comprehensive information and resources on adjuvant therapy for cancer healing. This includes information on different herbs, nutraceuticals, supplements, and alternative treatments that can be used alongside conventional cancer treatments to support the healing process.

Educate and Empower Patients

HerbsOnco aims to educate and empower cancer patients by providing them with evidence-based information on adjuvant therapy. The platform will offer resources such as articles, videos, nutraceuticals and expert advice to help patients make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Facilitate Communication and Networking

HerbsOnco aims to create a community of cancer patients, survivors, and healthcare professionals who can connect and share their experiences and knowledge on adjuvant therapy. The platform will provide forums, support groups, and networking opportunities to foster collaboration and learning.

Promote Research and Evidence-based Practices

HerbsOnco aims to promote research and encourage evidence-based practices in the field of adjuvant therapy. The platform will highlight the latest research findings, clinical trials, and case studies to ensure that patients have access to the most up-to-date information and treatment options.

Foster Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

HerbsOnco aims to collaborate with healthcare professionals, such as oncologists, adjuvant therapist naturopaths, and nutritionists, to ensure that the information provided on the platform is accurate and reliable. By working together, HerbsOnco seeks to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative cancer treatments and provide a holistic approach to cancer healing.

Other Activities

HerbsOnco shall also engage in buying, selling, reselling, importing, exporting, transporting, storing, developing, promoting, marketing or supplying, trading, dealing, patent & publication, manufacturing in any manner whatsoever in all type of Herbals, Ayurvedic and Unani Commodities/items on retail as well as on wholesale basis in India or elsewhere and any ancillary and/other business in any other manner.

Overall, the main objective of HerbsOnco is to support cancer patients in their healing journey by providing them with information, resources, and a supportive community focused on adjuvant therapy.